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Events 2023

Apr 27

Austrian Alps | LIVE

Apr 28

Austrian Forest | LIVE

Apr 29

Großhadern Cup, GER

Jun 8-11

Medimeisterschaften, GER

ABout us

BeeJay – formed by Bastian and Jasper is a german-austrian DJ-Duo producing and playing progressive electric dance music.

Being Medical Doctors in real life, Bastian and Jasper look back on a classic music eduction while having allways felt a deep passion for moving the crowds with music.

Encouraged by their love for EDM they have thus far primarily focused on music production and created and mixed live sets for various artists. 

Now the time has come, to step behind the mixers and perform ourselves.

Facing the digital revolution of social media and virtual reality, we release our music in the virtual space animated by modern 3D modeling – always with the focus on playing real stages.

Let the journey begin 👄

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